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- Professional Development (PD) is an essential academic activity at BHS. As a matter of fact, the school calendar has days reserved for PD in the months of September, November and sometimes April of every year. The topics of the PD are varied but they usually arise from the needs and challenges of BHS students and the strategic projects of the school.

- This year, the September 2016 In-Service focused on assessment and was entitled “Assessment to match the Needs of Students”. Dr. Robin Attfield, a professor from the UK, was invited to address all teachers about the topic. For the remaining two days, teachers were engaged in round table activities related to the academic honesty policy of the school and to a BHS self-study document.

- In October 2016, Heads of Section Shatha Abu Khalil and Nada Bu Jawdeh attended a COBIS Conference in Athens, Greece, entitled “Conference for early years Staff”. Some of the topics that were covered in the conference were: Playing and Exploring, Creating Learning Focused Schools, Achieving Outstanding Lessons, and The Importance of Early Detection of Developmental Disabilities and Recommendations for Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment.

- In November 2016, two counsellors and two teachers from the Lower School attended a workshop at AUB entitled: “Learning Disabilities: Taking a Closer Look into Dyslexia, Dysgraphia & Dyscalculia”. Finally, on 25 November 2016 all staff members at BHS had a one day PD on the topic titled “The IB Learner Profile across BHS”. Teachers held round tables discussions, presented their ideas and reflected on their classroom practices.


Volume 20, Issue 3  —  12 January 2017

- The annual Santa Fun Run took place on 21 December. Students ran and cycled across town in Christmas-themed costumes, despite the heavy rain, and brought an atmosphere of joy into the community. The winners were as follows: Intermediate Boys – First Place: Fadlo Abu Fadel and Dany Chokr, Second Place: Joey Angelil, and Third Place: Ivan Andrea. Girls – First Place: Tatiana Rousse, Second Place: Talia Mattar, and Third Place: Sasha Lahoud. Secondary Boys - First Place: Joey Zakhour, Second Place: Brunno Haddad, and Third Place: Najeh Soultan. Congratulations! 


- Assembly: 17 Nov. – the Yearbook Committee gave a presentation showing students different ways they can prepare their “funny pages” for this year’s Yearbook. In addition, quotes were read out and a slide show was shown on “Remaining Positive”. 8 Dec. – There was a reading of a story on the power of sharing and how it spreads when just one person shares what they have with others. 15 Dec. – Distribution of Term 1 Honour Roll Certificates took place and all students who were just points away from being on the Honour Roll were commended for their efforts and encouraged to continue working diligently.

- Advisory: Advisers discussed study skills in detail with their groups. 16 Nov. – The topic: Motivation is the key to success and Effective Reading23 Nov. – Tips for Improving your Memory. 30 Nov.Managing Academic Stress and Reading Smarter.  7 Dec.Note taking and Brain Storming. 14 Dec.Taking Tests with Confidence and Creating a Study Plan.

- The Independence Day Parade was held on 21 November. Students carrying Lebanese flags and wearing tops in the colours of the flag, marched with Lower School students out from the Middle Gate, onto the main road, and back onto campus through the Main Gate. They then lined up to listen to a speech given by Vice-Principal George Rizkallah about the importance of caring for our country.  The ceremony ended with all students singing the National Anthem.

- Founders’ Day was commemorated on 24 November. All Intermediate students attended a special assembly in the Meeting House during which the school song was sung, a brief history of the founding of the school was given, and Grade 8 students from the “I Serve” club read out quotes on making our school a better place through serving.

- IB Debate: Grade 9 students had the privilege of attending a debate on ”the possible political strategies that may have led to World War One”. Well done to the Grade 10 students who presented. 

- St Barbara Mask and Costume Competition took place 5 December. All students had been given one week to hand make their own costumes or masks. All participants were awarded Intermediate Section privilege cards.

- Food Drive – thanks to the many people who donated food such as bags of beans, rice, and noodles, as well as cans of meat, tuna, and cheese. We were able to distribute to 50 families in the Metn area via the churches of this area.

- Secret Santa Fun: During the last 10 days of school, students were discreetly enjoying giving their “secret friend” small gifts. During the Christmas party, they revealed themselves to their secret friend with the final gift. 

- Christmas Party was held on the last teaching day before the holiday. Every student brought in one party item and together they were able to enjoy a party with cakes, cookies, juices, and music.

- Upcoming Dates: 18-19 Jan. - the school Academic Fair will be taking place.  21 Jan. – a ceremony will be held to celebrate the BHS Academic Fair to which parents will be invited.

- Points for Parents: ** It is crucial that students come to school in thick jackets. Many students get stomach aches due to lack of warm clothing. ** Another reason for many stomach aches is that students do not eat breakfast. Please ensure that your children eat the most important meal of the day: breakfast.


- The children settled back quickly into the school routine, and are glad to see their friends again. Throughout January, all activities in the Infant Section are focused on the most visual aspect of winter, which is snow. They are using simple ways of creating winter scenes using construction paper, glue, glitter, cotton, and salt.

- KG 1 students did an experiment about ice cubes and how they melt on the radiator, and when put back in the freezer, how they turn back into ice taking the shape of the cup.

- KG 2 and KG 3 students will start taking library books with them home to practice with their parents. Students are starting to be more responsible regarding their homework.

- The value for the month of January is honesty and you can't imagine how hard it is to teach it to little ones. Teaching children honesty is a real challenge given the examples of dishonesty that they encounter every day in the world around them. Your example, and your constant feedback, about your child’s behaviour, can be a powerful influence on your child.

- Now that the weather is turning colder and many of our children are showing signs of colds and flu, please remember to keep your child at home if he/she shows any of the following symptoms:

· Oral temperature 38 degrees and above within the past 24 hours

· Uncontrolled diarrhoea

· Rash, bump or other out-of-the-ordinary skin conditions

· Flushed face, "watery" or "glossy" eyes

· Excessive running nose

· Sore throat

· Frequent Vomiting

· Unusual irritability or fatigue

Any of these symptoms may indicate the beginning of an illness, which might be easily communicated to other children.


 - Gr. 9 LP student Karen Abi-Zeid for donating books to the Elementary libraries.

- Gr. 2C student Tamara Nakfour for donating toy building blocks and books to the Infant Section.

- Volunteer Friend in Residence at BHS (2008-09) Frances Keenan for donating £1,000 to the Financial Aid Programme in recollection of her service at BHS and in memory of her daughter.

- Vice-Principal and Director of Studies Georges Rizkallah and Gr. 10 IP student Karen Atallah for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.

- Arabic Teaching Assistant Rita Bu Jawdeh for donating books to the Infant Section and the Upper Elementary.

- Gr. 3B student Luciana Zoarob for donating books to the Infant Section and Lower Elementary Library.

- The BHS Parents' Association for donating 6,000,000LL to the Financial Aid Programme.

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Old scholar Ali Wazani, class of 1988, who is the Lead Architect, Founder, and Manager of Wazani and Associates was the guest speaker on Founder’s Day which took place on 24 November 2016 at the BHS Meeting House. Mr Wazani addressed Secondary Section students, along with a number of teachers, department heads, and members of the OSA Board.

The audience attending the assembly was very impressed by Ali’s work and words. He took them back in time to when he was a student at BHS, when he once sat on those seats. He reminisced about the values he learnt at BHS, the friends he made, and most of all about his teacher, Mr Paul Little, who taught him Technical Drawing back in 1982 and told him that one day he was going to be a great architect. His advice to the students was to never give up on pursuing their dreams no matter what they are, because he believes that every individual has something unique in them that will make them shine one day.



- We would like to congratulate Ch. Jane Abi Farah for her induction into the Lebanese Scout Association; the induction ceremony was held on 17 December 2016.

- Our meetings are held every Saturday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the BHS Basketball Court.

- We would like to announce that we are now accepting members who are 16 years or older.

- The Horse Patrol led by Michel Ghaleb planned a big game themed "Nightmare before Christmas" where they worked on strengthening teamwork along with the bonds between members.

- The Kangaroo and Bee patrols, led by Jennifer Bu Jawdeh and Gabriele Ghanimeh respectively, held a big game on Saturday, 3 December at school. The theme was based on Saint Barbara’s Day and was aimed at ameliorating the member's teamwork skills and having some fun at the same time. The members followed clues around the school and were rewarded at the end.

- Finally, Brummana One Group would like to wish a wonderful New Year to all our members, BHS students, faculty and staff, as well as the Brummana community.

- That is all for now.  Stay tuned for more exciting news from your friendly local scouting group, Br1: facebook.com/BR1GROUP - instagram.com/brummana1group/

Parents who have not yet paid the second instalment of tuition and bus fees, which was due on 5 January, should do so immediately. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar.



- The beginning of December triggered the Christmas Show practice frenzy, but not before celebrating St Barbara's Day.  The Elementary Section listened to the story of St. Barbara, daughter of the heathen King of Heliopolis (Baalbek, City of the Sun).  Teacher Nancy Abou Rjeily prepared an educational and entertaining assembly in which a clown surprised Lower Elementary students with games, balloons, and candy.

- Term 1 report cards were distributed, and then all turned their attention to the Christmas festivities. First, the Christmas Show with its carolling, dancing, and acting. Then the class parties where students and teachers wished each other a Merry Christmas and a good holiday. We wish you all a Happy New Year.

Parents should by now have received the student accident insurance/BHS ID cards which were distributed in October/November. Please check that you have received your child/ren’s card/s. Any unclaimed cards are now at the Sick Bay, where they are available for collection.


- If a sudden decision is made to close the school, we will send an SMS message to the contact person in each family (as specified by each family in the most recent Family Data Update returned). If school is closed before the end of the school day, parents will be informed one hour before the bus departure.

- All information will also be posted on the school Web site: www.bhs.edu.lb. To view the latest Web site updates, please remember to refresh your browser by clicking the Refresh or Reload button on the toolbar (whilst on-line). Parents who need further information should contact either Reception or the appropriate section office.

- Please assume that we are open, unless you are otherwise informed by a reliable source.



- The PA Annual Brunch was held on 9 December at Deir El Kalaa Country Club. It was a great success. Around 200 parents joined in celebrating the Christmas spirit as they received many gifts. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the different festive performances like the Christmas Parade which kept everyone dancing on their feet.

- The Parents Association hopes that this year will be full of success for the BHS community, and hopes that you will always encourage us in our upcoming events since our goal is to raise funds for scholarships and enhancing school premises! "United we stand, divided we fall" Unity is strength.


On the occasion of Mar Maroun the school is closed on Thursday, 9 February 2017.



- CIE Exams: IGCSE & AS/A LEVEL: Students in Grades 10-12 IP were given a letter from the CIE Examinations Officer which explained the deadlines and costs of CIE exams. Attached to the letter was a form for students to select subjects, with approval by advisers, teachers, and parents. Based on the choices made, invoices will be sent out in mid-January. Please do not hesitate to contact the CIE Examinations Officer, Jessica Lainie Fahed, on Jessica.fahed@bhs.edu.lb if you have any queries.

- On 24 November, a special assembly was held in the Secondary Section to celebrate Founders’ Day. The guest speaker, old-scholar and Architect Ali Wazani, shared with students his best memories from BHS and gave them valuable advice concerning their life choices. Mr Wazani also highlighted some of his firm’s architecture projects, including re-designing AUB Dorms. After the assembly, Dr Khoury, Mr Wazani and the Heads of Sections cut a cake for the occasion, surrounded by Secondary students.

- A delegation from United World Colleges (UWC) visited BHS on 1 December and met with Grade 10 students who might be interested in enrolling in the programme and receiving a scholarship to go to one of those schools around the world.

- The first week of December was a very busy one in the Secondary Section. The annual Careers Fair took place between 7 and 9 December. Twenty-Seven prominent speakers in their fields of expertise shared their work experiences with our students. The students exhibited maturity and distinguished behaviour in their interaction with our guest speakers.

- On 8 December, Report Cards and Honour Roll Certificates were distributed to Secondary students.

- On 14 December, a parent-teacher meeting for Secondary classes took place. Teachers and parents exchanged ideas about the academic performance of students and the ways to enhance it.  Meetings with the parents of students in the IB programme who are facing academic difficulties also took place over two days.

- On 15 December, the London School of Economics (LSE) and AUT, presented their joint venture of a double-diploma programme to Secondary students during assembly. Interested students interacted with the presenters concerning the content and cost of this programme.

- During the same assembly, students Hanadi Haddad, Janna Al Yousif, and Kevin Farhat (Gr. 10 IP), on the initiative of Hanadi, raised awareness about the different forms of abuse through a presentation they gave.

- A fundraiser was organized to support the child “Jose” in receiving proper medical treatment. The traditional food/clothes and toys drive was also pursued. Students gave a little bit from their hearts to help others.

Founder’s Day

Careers Fair

- The Upper School Christmas Concert was more than exceptional this year. On 20 December, more than 40 Secondary students led by Conductor Jules Youssef, and as part of their Community Service engagement, sang Christmas carols, played instruments and warmed our hearts. A reception followed the show, where parents, guests, staff, and students exchanged the season’s greetings. The next day, the Choir visited Deir El Rahmeh Elderly Home where they sang to the residents and brought in the holiday spirit.

- Another Community Service group from Grade 10, under the guidance of the Community Service Coordinator Charbel Bacha, organized a Christmas lunch with Al Amal Institute residents. Students and residents played, sang, and danced together.

- The “I Serve” Club under the leadership of Dana Yared (IB1) went to a refugee home in Baabdat and helped in the Christmas decorations.

- The upcoming Upper School Academic Fair is scheduled for 18 and 19 January. This year, and to encourage parents to visit the fair, a ceremony will be held on Saturday, 21 January at 9:00 AM. The fair will remain open on the same day till 12:00pm. 

Infant Section Show

Infant Section - Santa’s Visit

Congratulations to Upper School Maths teacher Gisele Hanna who gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Lynn, on 21 November 2016.