We were very pleased to welcome the trustees of the Quaker International Educational Trust (QuIET). Eight of the trustees travelled from the UK for their January meeting with the local trustees. During their visit, they held meetings with senior BHS staff, the Student Council, the Parents’ Association Committee, the OSA Executive Committee, IB teachers, and attended a welcoming reception with staff on 19 January.  QuIET is a UK registered charity whose trustees are responsible for the safe keeping of the school.


On Saturday, 30 January, Aline Alam, the Head of Maths Dept., attended an educational session about the changes in the Maths LP curriculum in both Intermediate and Secondary Sections. The session was given by Dory Mkalled at the Centre of Educational Research and Development (Dar Al Mouallemeen), Jounieh. It was aimed at enlightening teachers about some modifications especially in the official exams of Brevet and Grade 12 LP. Samples of new exams were shared with the department for that reason and changes are taking place accordingly.


Volume 20, Issue 4  —  16 February 2017

- SAT Test on Saturday, 6 May, 2017 - Application deadline on 10 March 2017

- SAT Test on Saturday, 3 June, 2017 – Application deadline on 11 April 2017

- Brevet/ Baccalaureate Exams: The government official exams will commence on the following dates:
Brevet - 6 June, 2017; Baccalaureate LS/GS/SE - 12 June, 2017


- Assembly: 12 January – Students viewed the short video “The Unsung Hero” showing how small acts of kindness by one young man brought happiness to so many others.  2 February – Representatives from “The Little Engineer” company gave a presentation on maximizing potential in robotic building. 10 February – Students presented projects related to better eating habits, sleep deprivation, and the effect of video games on the mind.

- Advisory: 11 January – The topic for this week was “Healthy Eating Habits” which included the benefits of exercise, eating breakfast, and sleeping properly.  1 February – The boys and girls were separated for the topic of “Hygiene” which dealt with questions related to daily body hygiene. 8 February – Advisers discussed the Mid-year Examination schedule and all that students should know for the upcoming examinations.

- Medical Examinations for all Intermediate students began on 13 January. Every student visited the Sick Bay for a medical check-up by the School Doctor. 

- The Academic Fair was held in Khoury Hall on Saturday, 21 January. Well done to all students who participated. Some students who prepared projects related to health, will be presenting in an upcoming assembly.

- DELF: the DELF ceremony took place on 31 January. During this event the DELF certificates for students who passed the examination were distributed by the Head of French Department Jamileh Tayah. Also present were all the French Department teachers and Mrs. Camille Le Gal the DELF Director in Lebanon. Grade 8 students are highly encouraged to take the B1 exam this coming June.

- ACER: This year we are introducing the ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) examinations for grade 8 IP. The dates of these tests will be 16-17 February during periods 1 to 4 (7:45 – 11:30 am), and the subjects to be tested will be English and Maths.

- Computer Classes: Grade 8 students are using PENCIL software to learn steps for making frame by frame animation. Grade 9 is using SCRATCH program for game design and programing.

- Mid-Year Examinations will be taking place on 20-22-24 February. As for Tuesday, 21 February and Thursday, 23 February, these will be days off for studying. The exception will be the Brevet class which will have Thursday, 23 February as an Examination day. Examinations will end at 12:45 and buses will depart at 1:00 during the week of examinations (with the exception of Wednesday when buses will depart at the regular 2:30 pm time).

- Points for Parents: Students who are struggling in certain subjects need to make use of the days off and weekends to prepare for the upcoming Mid-Year examinations. All distractions should be put aside with complete focus on studies in the dates between 9 and 24 February. Good luck to all students.


- It’s a month of red hearts, valentines and special cards made for special people! Students prepared valentine cards for their loved ones.

- This month as we talk about friendship and love, we emphasize the importance of making new friends and playing together.

- KG 1 students are learning about their five senses. They are tasting foods that are sweet, sour and salty. They will also smell onion, perfume and salt. In addition they are working on a project where they cut and post pictures from magazines related to each one of the five senses.

- KG 2 students enjoyed dipping mini marshmallows in hot chocolate to warm their bodies in this cold weather.

- KG 3 students listened to the fable, “Stone Soup”. Afterwards they prepared a delicious vegetable soup which they enjoyed with their teachers.

- KG3 students are also doing a great job reading their take home books and using the sounds they know to write words during journal time. 

- The Infant Section celebrated "Fruity Friday" on Friday, 27 January. The children discussed and ate fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. 

- We want to remind parents that chips, candy sticks, and chocolate are not allowed. The aim of this policy is to ensure a healthy, well-balanced snack for children, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. By encouraging healthy eating patterns we educate children for later life.

- Please note that teaching commences at 7:45am every day. It is vital that children are in their classes ready to start work for the day on time. Please be aware of the disruption to classes by latecomers.


The Newsletter will be published once a month. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Newsletter by email, please send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to: najat.wakim@bhs.edu.lb

- We would like to congratulate Scout Daniel Aboujawdeh, and Cubs Chris Jarjoura, Elie Jabbour, Jean Claude Ghoul, Kevin Jarjoura, and Yara Zeinoun for achieving their Scout Promise.

- The Cubs had a Discover Camp with a jungle theme in Jbeil on 05-06 January 2017.

- Both the Panther and Bee patrols had movie outing events.

- The Troop had a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader training camp, during which they had an adventurous midnight hike.

- Finally Brummana One Group would like to welcome two new leaders to the Br1 leadership team, C. Assaad Kanaan and C. Fadi Bou Jawde.

- That is all for now.  Stay tuned for more exciting news from your friendly local scouting group.


- The Upper Elementary Section congratulated students who participated in the Walkathon as the Head of Section Shatha Abou Khalil gave each child a medal.

- Grade 4A shared a PowerPoint presentation during assembly time that explained how people perceive dancing to be a form of creative art as well as a form of creative expression. 

- Grade 4B presented the culture of Spain and all its aspects.  The students shed a brief light on Spain’s geographical location as well as giving us a glimpse of its rich history. Then statements were made on life in Spain at various levels. The same was done by Grade 4C students who presented well-rounded cultural information about Jamaica. All assemblies were informative, interesting, and interactive.

- Grade 5 Spelling Bee took place on 13 February 2017. Margaret Ziadeh won first place; Jade Khoury won second; and Joe El Gemayel won third place. Congratulations!

- Lower Elementary students have enjoyed attending the Grade 3 assemblies for the past 3 weeks. Grade 3A informed us about Fayrouz, and we all sang along to one of her songs.  Grade 3B taught us more about the importance of team work, and Grade 3C introduced us to a post-impressionist artist called Paul Gauguin.

- Grade 3 students have been collecting plastic water bottles for recycling. The mother of Charbel Hajj (Grade 3B) volunteered to take all the bottles to Spinneys supermarket and in return they are getting water bottles for the students in class.

- Grade 3 Spelling Bee took place on 7 February 2017. Kevin Jarjoura won first place; Rachel Rahban won second; and Rita Choufani won third place. Well done!

We are now accepting applications from new students for the academic year 2017-2018.  As we have limited spaces available, first priority will be given to siblings of students already attending BHS. Second priority will then be to children of BHS Old Scholars. Thereafter, priority will be given to early applicants. If you are considering applying to BHS, we encourage you to do so no later than February 28, 2017. Late applications will be reviewed and acceptance will depend on availability of places.


- If a sudden decision is made to close the school, we will send an SMS message to the contact person in each family (as specified by each family in the most recent Family Data Update returned). If school is closed before the end of the school day, parents will be informed one hour before the bus departure.

- All information will also be posted on the school Web site: www.bhs.edu.lb. To view the latest Web site updates, please remember to refresh your browser by clicking the Refresh or Reload button on the toolbar (whilst on-line). Parents who need further information should contact either Reception or the appropriate section office.

- Please assume that we are open, unless you are otherwise informed by a reliable source.



- The Parents' Association is preparing for the upcoming Mothers' Day Dinner. It will be held at the Grand Hills Hotel on Saturday, 18 March at 8:30pm. Tickets for $80 per person will be available from all PA members. The entertainment will include a DJ, two dancers from "Dancing with the Stars", as well as a young talented singer accompanied by an organist, a Lido show, and many surprises for the mums. We hope that all parents will encourage us at this fundraising event. For more information don't hesitate to contact the PA chairperson Zeina Zeinoun on 70157729. Unity is strength!

- We wish all the mothers an early Happy Mothers' Day!


On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the school is closed on Thursday, 9 March 2017.



- CIE EXAMS: IGCSE & AS/A LEVEL: On 13 January 2017, invoices were given to students in Grades 10-12 IP who had committed to take IGCSE & AS/A Level exams. SMS messages were sent to parents on 13 January 2017 (all G 10-12 IP students) and 6 February (those invoiced). Penalty fee invoices were issued on 10 February for those who did not pay by the deadline of 7 February ($60 per subject). Please note that students who have not paid the fees cannot be registered for the exams until all fees and related penalty charges are paid. For details please see the invoice/s or the letter regarding CIE exam registration from the CIE Examinations Officer, dated 25 November 2016. Please do not hesitate to contact the CIE Examinations Officer, Jessica Lainie Fahed, on Jessica.fahed@bhs.edu.lb if you have any queries.

- Mid-year exams for all Secondary students except IB1 students will take place between Tuesday and Friday, 21-24 February. Monday, 20 February is a reading day for all Secondary students except IB1 students. IB 1 students will have a normal school day.

- Mid-year exams for IB 1 will take place from Monday, 27 February till Friday, 3 March. Friday, 24 February is a reading day for IB 1 students.

- The Academic Fair this year was exceptional at BHS. Students’ projects in Sciences, Maths, Languages, Social Sciences, and the Arts were all displayed under one roof at Khoury Hall for both parents and students on Saturday, 21 January. Winners will receive their prizes during the US Certificates Day on Friday, 31 March.

- Secondary students won big this year at the LAU Model Arab League (MAL). 10 out 14 students participating won the most prestigious awards. The winners are: Hadi Saade and Yara Kehdy (Sec. 3 SE) won the Best Delegate Award. Nour Abi Fadel and Laetitia Nehme (Sec. 2 LP) also won the Best Delegate Award. Klara Abou Fadel (Gr. 12 IP), in addition to Tara Salemeh and Roupina Maalouf (IB 1) won the Honourable Mention Award. Marina EL Mufti (Sec. 3 SE) and Maria Makhlouf (IB 1) won the Position Paper Award. Congrats to all!

- On 2 February after school, 100 students from the Secondary Section, escorted by Rabih Aouad, Samir Ayache, Charbel Bacha, and Sofia Mazloum went on an overnight ski trip to Faraya. The next morning, students enjoyed their favourite winter sports and were back to school at 4:00pm.

- Due to adverse weather conditions, the traditional yearly visit of Dar El Awlad kids that was scheduled for Saturday, 4 February has been postponed till after the Mid-year exams. The date will be announced later.

- On 2 February, presenters from “The Little Engineer” gave a presentation to Secondary students about Robotics. The Robotics Club, headed by Becher Hilal (Gr. 12 IP) will be working closely with this NGO.

- On 6 February, a special assembly was held in the Secondary Section to address the topic of violence. The Principal talked about peaceful conflict resolution as part of the school and Quakers ethos. Students Yasmina Hajj (Gr. 12 IP) and Joey Baaklini (Gr. 11 IP) also gave a word from the heart about the topic.

- On 10 February, the Secondary Section assembly featured a team from the Red Cross who gave a wonderful presentation aiming at recruiting volunteers as first-aiders.


- Administrative Assistant to the Director of Studies Jocelyn Wakim who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lara, on 1 February.

- Upper School teacher of English Eliane Bitar Francis who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Gabrielle, on 2 February.


We have launched an official BHS Facebook page for: www.facebook.com/BrummanaHighSchool. Those who have not done so yet, please support the page by clicking “like” and receive up to date information and pictures about all BHS news and events.


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Text Box: DELF Awards

- Well done to our BHS athletes who did very well at the LAU Basketball Tournament: Jason Soufan - Best Scorer; Jason Soufan, Omar Knio, and Stephanie Ashkar – MVP. Also three of our student were selected to play in the All Star Game: Jason Soufan, Maysa Abou Khalil, and Stephanie Ashkar.

- In the Lebanese Schools Basketball Championship, Baabda Matn Section, the Girls 1999-2000 Team won First Place. Bravo to the team and Captain Maysa Abou Khalil. The Girls 2001-2002 Team won Second Place. Well done to the team and Captain Stephanie Ashkar. Also congratulations to the Coach of both teams, George Sayegh.


Text Box: Spelling Bee