I am very pleased to announce the Head of Secondary Section, Chadi Nakhle, is the only Lebanese selected to participate in the Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for Secondary Educator (Teachers) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 10 June to 22 July 2017. He has also been designated as a principal participant. The Institute will offer an interdisciplinary review of the ‘American Dream’ as well as 4 sub-themes through informed lectures, pedagogy workshops, panels and discussions with educators, government officials, and community residents, local site visits, and sustained engagement with the host community. Congratulations, Chadi!


Volume 20, Issue 6  —  27 April 2017

- Assembly: 23 March - A special presentation was given by teacher and MUN Adviser Mayssaa Haidar and some MUN members in an effort to encourage the younger students to join this club. They emphasized the experience they will gain and the excellent public speaking skills they will be trained in if they join the MUN training sessions given at BHS. 5 April - Term 2 Honour Roll Certificates were distributed. The five May Queen nominees gave their speeches and then on 10 April, the students voted for the girl they believe best represents BHS.

- Advisory: 20 March - students spent the session writing letters expressing their feelings and gratitude to their mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day. 29 March – Advisers spent the session discussing the hazards of smoking and why some teenagers start smoking at an early age. 5 April – this session focused on the dangers of teenagers drinking alcohol and the permanent damage it can do to their body.

- Certificates Day was held in the Meeting House on 31 March. The advisers, teachers, and Librarian distributed awards and certificates to the many students who had shown achievement and effort since the beginning of the year. Science Fair participation certificates were also distributed.


- KG 2 and KG 3 students are preparing for our May Festival Show. Little ones are looking forward to showing their parents their talents on stage. They will perform dances to “Milhem Barakat” songs.

- On 4 April, KG 3 students visited the Kafaat College. They were split into three groups, and each group worked with a cook and 2 of his assistants. They spent the morning preparing a 3 course menu, and then they all gathered in the dining area to eat the lunch that they had cooked. The trip was highly educational for the students; they learned many things. Detailed pictures of the trip are available at the Secretary’s Office if you wish to see them.

- On 10 April, KG 2 students visited Planet Discovery where they saw how honey is formed, how to take care of their teeth, and how chocolate is produced.  They also discovered many other aspects of science. It was really fun, especially when they painted their own clay.

- Please encourage your children to eat breakfast before coming to school. Students frequently come to our office complaining of headaches, stomach cramps, and feeling tired. In some cases, this is due to hunger.

- Kindly send a cap with your child to keep at school till the end of the year. The students are playing outdoors, and they need to be protected from the sun.


The Newsletter will be published once a month. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Newsletter by email, please send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to: najat.wakim@bhs.edu.lb

- The Pack had a three day camp during the Easter Vacation at BHS. The camp simulated the workings of the financial world.

- The Pack is still continuing preparations for the Ultimate Dodge Ball Tournament.

- After six weeks of training, 22 Cubs from our Pack successfully completed the 50 Push-Ups Challenge.

- After an intense competition during Br1’s Den Game, the Bee Patrol, led by Gabrielle Ghanime, won the $200 prize.

- Awards: The Kangaroo Patrol won the Best Organization Award; the Panther Patrol won the Best Spirit Award; and the Horse Patrol won the Best Teamwork Award.

- That is all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting news from your friendly local Scout group.


- In the past few weeks the Elementary Section has been buzzing with activities. First was the exciting Open House event, where both parents and students exercised their minds in various ways and displayed a myriad of functions and skills in all subjects.

- Grade 4C presented an interesting PowerPoint about Jamaica. The culture is attractive as well as rich.

- Just before our holiday, Grade 6B explained the meaning of Easter symbols and the Parents’ Association’s (PA) Easter Bunny distributed a bag of goodies to each student.

- Grade 1A students presented a fun Easter assembly. Our Special Arabic Coordinator, Mrs. Micheline Abi Rached, told us an interesting story about Easter.

- The Book Fair was a success. It is gratifying to see our students so interested in purchasing and reading all sorts of books. Keep it up BHS students. With books, your mind is limitless.

- Grade 3 students visited the Upper School Laboratory during their science period and had a lesson which revolved around rocks and minerals.

- All Elementary classes have chosen their songs for the May Festival and have started practicing.

To celebrate Labour Day, the school has invited all workers to a dinner at Al Kalaa restaurant, Ain Saadeh on Sunday, 30 April.



- The BHS Parents' Association held an Easter Egg Hunt before the vacation. The Easter Bunny went around and distributed goodie bags packed by PA members to every student. 

- For the next fundraising event, the PA members are working very hard on the preparations for the May Festival which will be held on Sunday, 21 May. We hope that you will encourage and support us by attending this unforgettable festival filled with a variety of unique stands, inflatables, kermes, stage performances, and much more... In addition to that, tombola tickets will be sold giving you a chance to win many valuable prizes. 

Hope to see you all there!


- School is closed on Monday, 1 May on the occasion of Labour Day.

- Following the May Festival on Sunday, 21 May, there are no classes on Monday, 22 May, although CIE exams continue. Offices are open.

- School is closed on Thursday, 25 May on the occasion of Liberation Day.



- The second BHSMUN Conference was held on Saturday and Sunday, 22 and 23 April 2017 at Brummana High School premises for delegates from Grade 7 to Grade 12. Around 200 delegates from BHS and other schools joined us for two days of negotiations and public speaking. The committees and topics tackled were based on global issues debated in the United Nations. During the conference, delegates led educated dialogues about: Proceedings of World War Two, Military Intervention in Internal Conflicts, Violence and Discrimination, and Freedom of Expression. The closing ceremony included a word from the Principal Dr. El Khoury who thanked students for giving us hope in the future after witnessing their exceptional performance in the conference. The guest speaker, MP Ghassan Moukheiber, also gave a speech for the occasion. A short video was presented about the action that took place during the conference. The awards distributed were: Secretary General Award, Future Diplomat Award and Honourable Mention Award. The Secretary General Award winner was granted a $200 prize sponsored by the Bank of Beirut. We would like to congratulate the BHSMUN team for their continued and consistent success throughout this year!

- The family of student Sara Al-Karaawi (KG 2A) for donating $600 to the Infant Section Library for the purchase of books.

- G 8 IP student Friedrick Al Aswad for donating 1 used book to the Upper Elementary Library.

- G 5B student Henry Chedid for donating 1 used book to the Upper Elementary Library.

- Sec 2 LP S student Michael Feghali for donating 2 used books to the Thomas Little Memorial Library.

- G 9 IP student Samar Jemal for donating 2 used books to the Thomas Little Memorial Library.

- BHS old scholar Gio Gaspar for donating 1 used book to the Thomas Little Memorial Library.


BHSMUN Conference

It’s almost summer time and the Old Scholars Association is getting ready for the numerous events set to take place in the coming few months.

- The first event will occur on Friday, 19 May 2017, when we will welcome the fresh graduates of this year at the OSA Annual Graduates’ Gathering Dinner which will take place at BHS in the amphitheatre near Fleisseh.

- The second event will be OSA’s participation in the May Festival 2017, where you may visit our booth to collect a free copy of last year’s Yearbook and get more information on the upcoming OSA 26th International Convention.

- The third and most important event will be the OSA 26th International Convention which will take place from 7-9 July, 2017, including a dinner for Old Scholars on the first day and a 50th Anniversary Graduation Commemoration for the class of 1967. Day 2 will include the OSA General Assembly during the day with a number of guest speakers, while we will party on for 2 consecutive nights on Saturday, 8 July and Sunday 9 July at the OSA Street Party.

We look forward to seeing you all at our events, especially our fresh graduates.


On 18 March 2017, the English Department attended the Symposium on Writing which was organized by both AUB and LAU. The symposium involved various sessions related to writing and assessment, and two members from the department attended it: HoD Lisette El Hage and teacher Fareed Halabi.


On 18 March 2017, the English Department attended the Symposium on Writing which was organized by both AUB and LAU. The symposium involved various sessions related to writing and assessment, and two members from the department attended it: HoD Lisette El Hage and teacher Fareed Halabi.


- Community Service: On Saturday, 20 February, and as is traditional at BHS, 71 less privileged kids from Dar El Awlad, Mansourieh were invited to spend the day at BHS with more than 40 Secondary student volunteers.  The kids arrived at 10:00am. After breakfast, they played several sports games with our students for 3 hours. Lunch followed, and then an entertainment programme fully prepared by Secondary students. At 5:00pm, the kids left each with a gift and a smile on their faces. Lydia Breis, the Director at Dar el Awlad, wrote to us, “I cannot tell you how excited they are, to the extent that in their sponsorship reports they wrote that the best thing that ever happened to them is visiting Brummana High School.”

- Certificates Day took place on 31 March. Students were awarded High Honour and Honour rolls, and certificates in subjects in which they are excelling. In addition, students who won at the BHS Academic Fair as well as the AUB Science Fair were recognized and applauded. Congrats to all!

- On 6 April, Grade 11 LP, IP, and IB 1 students went to AUB Open Doors and were directed on a campus tour and an overview of faculties and majors. Previously, on 30 March, Grade 11 IP students took part in the NDU Open Doors.

- The May Queen selection process started on 24 March. Secondary students nominated 5 senior ladies for the up-coming pageant. The nominees are: Mayssa Abou Khalil and Jana Zeinoun (Sec. 3 SE), Valeria Hilany, Perla Ghajar, and Clarissa Abou Assi (12 IP). The 5 students each delivered a speech during a special assembly in Khoury Hall on 6 April, where they introduced themselves further to their peers. The first voting panel took place the following Monday, on 10 April. We wish the best of luck to all 5 young women. 

- For over a week, from 2 to 7 April, an Art Exhibition took place alongside the Book Fair. Art students advised by the Art Consultant, Maya Bechara, and teachers Ghada Hanna and Magda Hachem exhibited their masterpieces to parents, students, and teachers.  

- On 6 April, guest speakers from Princeton Review gave a presentation to Grade 11 (LP, IP, IB1) about SAT strategies.

Participation in the 23rd AUB Science, Maths, and Technology Fair 2017: On Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 April 2017, fourteen BHS students participated in the Twenty Third Annual Science, Mathematics, and Technology Fair that took place at AUB. From the Intermediate Section: Rayan Farah, Ghady Abou Rjeily, and Andrew El-Kassis (Grade 6) - Technology Project; Carl Eid and Carl Sadek (Grade 6) -Technology Project; Valerie Naufal, Faye Abou Nafeh, and Luciana Nehmeh (Grade 8 LP) - Technology project. From the Secondary Section: Kevin Farhat (Grade 10IP) - Maths Project; Stephanie Ashkar, Michel Ghaleb, and Tarek Yared (Secondary 1LP/Grade 10IP) - Science Project; Michel Sadek (Secondary 1LP) - Technology Invention Project; Hani Al-Jamal (Secondary 2LPS) - Technology Project. All students competed in the Science, Maths, and Technology section. Out of the seven BHS projects that were presented at the AUB Science Fair, 4 projects won the following prizes: - Carl Eid and Carl Sadek (Grade 6) won 2nd place in the Elementary Category Technology Invention (From Trash to Gas); - Rayan Farah, Ghady Abou Rjeily, and Andrew El-Kassis (Grade 6) won 3rd place in the Elementary Category Technology-Model and Demonstration (Underwater City); - Stephanie Ashkar, Michel Ghaleb, and Tarek Yared (Secondary 1LP/Grade 10IP)  won 2nd place in the Secondary Category Science- Models and Demonstration (Organic Waste into Bio-Ethanol); and - Kevin Farhat (Grade 10IP) won 3rd place in the Secondary Category Maths-Real World Problems Investigation. Congratulations to all. Many thanks to the following staff who helped supervising and supporting the students at AUB: Juhaina Abou Fadel, Gisele Hanna, Eliane Semaan, and Samir Ziadeh.


Participation in the LAU XIX Annual Sciences and Arts Fair: On Thursday, 20 April 2017, seventeen BHS students participated in the XIX Annual Sciences and Art Fair that took place at LAU. From the Intermediate Section: Christel El-Hajj, Serena Abdel Massih, and Kareen Farhat (Grade 7 IP/LP) - Upcycling Challenge; Julia Hilany and Lea Jaber (Grade 8 IP/LP) - Recipes for a Better Health; Lynn Ziadeh, Lynn Sayah, and Lea Maria Rizk (Grade 8 IP/LP) - Recipes for Better Health; and Yasmia Yared, Angela Saadeh, Natalie Ashkar, Roy El-Hage, Edward Prescott-Decie, and Christopher Khoueiry (Grade 8 IP/LP) - Balsa Bridge Design. From the Secondary Section: Gabrielle Ghanimeh (Secondary 1LP) - Science Knowledge; Nour Abi Fadel and Thomas Tarabay (Secondary 2LPS) - Science Knowledge; and Nour Abi Fadel (Secondary 2LPS) -Chemistry OlympiadAll students competed in the Science Section. Out of the five LAU projects that were presented at the LAU science fair, 2 projects won the following prizes: Nour Abi Fadel (Secondary 2LPS) won 3rd place in the Chemistry Olympiad and Julia Hilany and Lea Jaber (Grade 8 IP/LP) won 3rd place in the Recipes for Better Health. Well done every one! Many thanks to the following staff who helped supervising and supporting the students at LAU: Juhaina Abou Fadel and Tania Saab.


- Brummana High School participated in the LAU Annual Arts and Sciences Competition on 11 March 2017. Seven students participated in the Writing Competition, and the results were as follows:

- Rudy Zalzal: Arabic Essay - Second Place

- Tarek Yared: English Poetry - Second Place

- Nour Abi Fadel: English Essay - Second Place


- Congratulations to Upper Elementary maths teacher Mirvet Daher Karam who delivered a baby boy, Johnny, on 18 April.

Congratulations to Lower Elementary Homeroom teacher Eliane Mrad who gave birth to a baby girl, Larita, on 8 February.


The Easter Bunny Visit

- Beirut Marathon:  BHS Students were encouraged join the Beirut Marathon-Youth Race which took place in Dbayeh on 2 April. The registration fee was 5,000LL, and the total donations went to needy people.

- Yearbook 2016 was distributed to every student at the beginning of April.

- Book Fair & Art Exhibition: All our students had the opportunity to visit the Annual BHS Book Fair and Art Exhibition which were open on our campus from the 2nd to the 7th of April. Many of our students bought books.

- Brevet: Parents of students, whose Term 2 report card showed concerns, were called in for one-on-one meetings with the Head of Intermediate Section. In the meetings, the parents with their child and the Head of Section sat and discussed all possible new methods and solutions (both in school and at home) to help the child improve and be prepared for the 6 June Brevet Official Examinations.

- Field Day Events: The high jump for all Upper School students was held during 25 April lunch break. All other Field Day events were held on 27 April 2017. Well done to all the competitors.

- A trip to Jbeil for all Grade 9 students will take place on Friday, 28 April. This occasion will include a walk through the old souks, a visit to the ruins, and finally a boat ride on the Mediterranean.

- Points for Parents: If your child is struggling academically, they need to know that it is crucial during these coming final weeks for them to revise classwork daily before they attempt to do their homework. Also every weekend, they need to do comprehensive revision which should include the rereading and redoing of all the classwork completed during the week.

Intermediate Section Certificates Day

Art Exhibition

Upper Elementary Open House

Grade 3 trip to US Laboratories

Visit to Kafaat College

Dar El Awlad’s Visit

Secondary Section Certificates Day